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Why choose Doctor Eye Institute for cataract treatment?

EYE Surgery Going Hi-Tech in Doctor Eye institute

The WHITESTAR Signature -Pro® System is a modular ophthalmic microsurgical system that facilitates anterior segment (cataract) surgery.

The WHITESTAR Signature-Pro® System represents a breakthrough in easy lens removal technology, from the company that has pioneered virtually every major breakthrough in phacoemulsification in the past two decades.

Only the WHITESTAR Signature Pro® System combines the safety of revolutionary FUSION® Fluidics with the optimized cavitation of WHITESTAR® Technology. The integration of these technologies creates the versatility needed to remove both hard and soft lenses.

EYE Surgery Going Hi-Tech

THE ROLLS ROYCE of CATARACT MACHINES is now installed at one of the three most advanced state of the art: The All New White star SIGNATURE PRO System.

We feel that understanding and utilizing the latest technology is an essential investment in TOTAL EYE CARE.

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of our eye and is a natural part of the ageing process.. There is no Medication, Drops or Diet available that can prevent or slow down cataract formation. Surgical removal is the only known effective cure for cataract.

The cataract is removed by a technique of Phacoemulsification and we at are equipped with the most advanced state of the art THE All- New WHITESTAR SIGNATURE-PRO SYSTEM. It is the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN INDIA and FIRST IN MAHARASHTRA, with the latest REVOLUTIONIZING LENS REMOVAL Technology to make the procedure safer, easier and faster.


  • The WHITESTAR Signature-Pro System is more than just the latest phaco technology it’s an all-new surgical platform.
  • It represents a breakthrough in safe, easy lens removal technology that has never been available to the cataract surgeon, until now.
  • It comes from the company that has pioneered virtually every major breakthrough in phacoemulsification in the past two decades.

Meeting The Needs of Today’s Patients / Doctors

WHITESTAR Signature-pro system technology is now equipped with the most advanced state of the art Phaco System which makes Phacoemulsification easier for brown and hard cataracts and can accommodate the preference of various surgical techniques. This benefit is of increasing importance to surgeons and their patients.

  • Hard Cataract Removal has never been so simple!!
  • Reduces risk of bag rupture.
  • Uses little to no ultrasound.
  • WHITESTAR Technology is clinically proven to produce clearer corneas post-op day 1 After Cataract Surgery Intra Ocular Lens is implanted through the opening created and placed inside the eye in place of the natural lens that has been removed.

Image Guided Cataract Surgery Verion

The future of modern cataract surgery has arrived at doctor eye institute!!

Image Guided Cataract Surgery Verion


The VERION™ Image Guided System is an entirely new way of looking at cataract refractive surgery. It is designed to add greater accuracy and efficiency during surgical planning and execution. Consisting of the VERION™ Reference Unit and the VERION™ Digital Marker, it will enhance the way you perform cataract surgery.

Benefits Of Verion Digital Image Guided Surgery

  • Guides Surgeon for accurate placement of incision to create opening to remove cataract from the eye.
  • Provides accuracy for Capsulorhexis sizing.
  • Ensure smooth surgical procedure showing surgeon, the exact degree of lens insertion after cataract removal.
  • Automatically registers the patient’s eye for accurate centration and alignment of Multifocal and Toric IOLs
  • Eliminates the need for Manual Toric (for cylindrical no.) and Multifocal eye markings for lens insertion
  • Improves vision significantly after cataract surgery with complete digital guidance Provided through VERION system to the operating surgeon.
Optical Biometer AL-Scan

Femto Laser Cataract - Catalys

Bladeless Robotic Laser Cataract Surgery Catalys Femto Laser System

Now at Doctor Eye institute, Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery with Catalys machine has Become significantly Automated & Blade free, ensuring greater Safety & Accuracy.



What are the benefits of the Femtolaser Cataract Surgery ?

With the use of Femto technology all crucial steps of cataract surgery are performed by a laser with unparalleled precision which reduces the chances of human error. Using the CATALYS precision Femto laser System, surgeon can provide patient a gentle, precise and uniquely customized cataract treatment.

What is the difference between traditional and Femto Laser Cataract Surgery?

In traditional Phacoemulsification Cataract surgery which is a manual technique, surgeon makes cuts in the cornea using a hand held blade. Through these incisions the surgeon then inserts surgical instrument inside the eye to make a manual round opening to remove the cataract. An ultrasound probe is then inserted in the eye which breaks the old, cloudy lens into pieces which are removed and an intraocular lens (IOL)is inserted inside the eye to replace the natural lens.

Why should one choose Femto Laser Cataract Surgery?

This blade-less, stitch-less technique for cataract surgery delivers precise results and better vision recovery. It is a boon for the patient. If you need to undergo cataract surgery, opt for a centre which offers the latest Laser technology combined with the expertise of a qualified cataract surgeon. After all, your eyes deserve the best!


  • 100% Blade Less Laser Cataract Surgery.
  • The actual working of the Laser takes less than 1 minute.
  • Greater safety, computerized precision and accuracy.
  • Capsular opening, breaking of cataract with laser & corneal incision are fully automated.
  • Reduces energy requirement by more than 50%.
  • Better visual outcome with quicker recovery.

Manual Capsular opening:
centration and shape not as precise

Femotosecond laser Capsular opening:
precisely size and well centred; regular in Shape