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Why Doctor Eye Institute For LASIK Surgery

Why Doctor Eye Institute For LASIK Surgery?

As the first and only clinic in the MUMBAI we can offer you the revolutionary Z-LASIK Z.(Bladeless LASIK Surgery) If you are looking for accurate, safe and comfortable laser refractive surgery, Z-LASIK Z is the procedure of choice for you.

Z-LASIK Z corrects your vision using laser surgery from the beginning to end with the state of the art technology and the risk for complications is reduced even further and the quality of post-operative vision exceeds other methods and techniques. At Doctor Eye Institute, have your vision corrected the gentle way and benefit from the most innovative technology for Laser Eye Surgery available today.

What is Z-LASIK?

LASIK is a two-stage procedure in which first a hinged flap is created on the cornea, This flap is lifted back and the surface underneath is reshaped, thus changing the focusing power, by an Excimer Laser –AMARIS.

The traditional method of Laser Vision Correction, (LASIK) requires a mechanical blade to make an incision in the top layer of the corneal tissue prior to the correction itself. But sometimes the blade procedure can create an uneven surface, a dicentered flap or free flap that can affect the quality of vision.

In the second step the final reshaping of the cornea is performed using an Excimer Laser based on your refractive errors and desired visual outcome. After applying desired frequency of Laser on cornea, the flap is then replaced to its original position, where it adheres naturally. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes and is pain-free.

Z-LASIK OR Bladeless LASIK corrects your vision using laser surgery from the beginning to end with Femto Laser Z4 to create Flap and Excimer Laser to correct refractive errors. It is state of the art technology and the risk for complications is reduced even further and the quality of post-operative vision exceeds other methods and techniques.

What is Femto Laser Z4

A Femto-second Laser ( Z4) is a high-frequency laser, which uses ultra-short pulses of invisible light. It is designed to gently separate the outer layers of the cornea, creating a customized flap for each patient, precisely, safely and painlessly. Femto Laser helps the Surgeon to create uniplaner flaps. It can also any size hinge and flap edge of any angle for better apposition post operative. Femto Z4 offers Instrastromal pocket incisions for inlays for presbyopia treatment. This helps in tailor-made customized Presbyopic LASIK correction for patients.

Based on clinical experience from over 1.5 million successful Z-LASIK procedures, the FEMTO systems stand out as the femto second lasers with a remarkably low complication rate.

Z Lasik Z with Femto Laser Z4

What is an Excimer-Laser?

(LASIK: Laser assisted in-situ keratomelusis) is the most advanced refractive procedure available that corrects near-sightedness and astigmatism by gently reshaping the cornea and changing the focusing ability of the eye. It reduces the Dependence on Glasses and Contact Lenses.

The Excimer Laser (AMARIS) is used to precisely ablate the corneal stroma. The laser evaporates microscopic amounts of corneal tissue to reshape the front of the eye, enabling the eye to focus light more accurately. The excimer laser exactly targets the desired area without causing damage to the surrounding areas.

The Schwind AMARIS Laser has 1050 Hz Finest and Most Accurate Turbo Active eye Tracker and exceptionally fine Laser beam for providing very accurate treatments.

What is the difference between a corneal flap created with the Z LASIK and one created with a microkeratome?

In traditional LASIK microkeratome cuts a thin, hinged flap into the eye's clear surface (cornea).The microkeratome is a hand-held instrument, which contains a steel blade that moves back and forth and creates a cut as it travels across the cornea. A microkeratome is only capable of making a single, one-dimensional cut across the cornea and then flap is lifted to apply Laser beams to correct refractive errors.

In Z LASIK or Bladeless LASIK, the surgeon uses computer software to guide the Femtosecond Laser beam, which applies a series of tiny bubbles within the central layer of the cornea just beneath the surface of your eye. It creates a thin, hinged flap at a precise depth and diameter ‘pre-determined by the surgeon'. It is then is lifted temporarily from the cornea to apply excimer laser beams.

With Z-LASIK Z you have the flexibility to really individualize the LASIK flap.. Each flap can be customized to accommodate the desired geometry.

What is an Excimer-Laser? Picture of Amaris

What are the Advantages of Z-LASIK?

The major advantage of Z-LASIK over conventional LASIK is that the entire vision correction treatment is performed by a laser. The use of a mechanical microkeratome using a blade to make an initial incision into the cornea is no longer required.

With Z LASIk, the flap resection is created at the requested depth which results into
  • Natural curvature flap edges
  • Smooth, self-sealing flap edges
  • Flaps can be easily lifted
  • Truly customizable flap creation
  • Excellent stroma bed quality
  • No opaque bubble layer, or transient light sensitivity

What do our HAPPY PATIENTS say?


More than 2 million LASIK procedures using the femto-second laser have been performed successfully all over the world. It provides the most accurate and safest treatment for your eyes. The experience gained from countless Z-LASIK treatments shows that, a vast majority of patients….

  • Did not find the treatment uncomfortable or painful.
  • Achieve perfect vision without glasses.
  • Are more satisfied with the outcome than they expected.
  • Normally see better than they did before with glasses.
  • Would choose this method again and recommend it to others.