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Eye Donation

What is Eye donation?

Eye donation is donating one's eyes after death.

Who can donate eyes? Can people with vision problems also donate eyes?

You too have the power to make the blind see by pledging to donate your eyes to the eye bank after your demise. The donor's age and sex are no bar. You can also help by donating the eyes of a beloved family member who passes away.

Even the eyes of those who suffer from eye problems may be useful. In fact there are very few conditions where the eyes are not suitable for transplantation.

Virtually all religions commend eye donation and uphold it as a noble way of serving humanity and God

Should the eye (cornea) be harvested immediately after birth?

The eye is collected only after the death of the donor (within 6 hours) and not before. The process of removing the eye takes only 20 minutes and will not result in disfigurement of the face.

What is a Corneal Graft?

Cornea is like a transparent watch glass situated in front of the eye. It appears black or brown from outside due to the dark structures situated underneath. This transparent structure can become cloudy due to disease or become scarred by injury. Corneal Grafting or Keratoplasty is carried out to replace the damaged cornea with a clear one. This clear cornea is obtained from a dead person.

Why is it important?

These eyes are then used to restore vision to those who have become blind due to cataract and or those whose cornea has been affected

DONATE YOUR EYES : Remember, by donating your EYES, CORNEAS, You will be bestowing on another human being the most precious of gifts: Vision


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Cornea Services Provided at Doctor Eye Institute
  • Dry eye clinic
  • Specialisation in dealing with all cornea related problems as mentioned below
  • Keratoconus Management- Collagen Cross Linking ( C3R), INTACS
  • PRK with Schwind ESIRIS Excimer Laser and C3R Treatment in Keratoconus
  • Corneal Transplantation
  • Phototherapeutic Keratectomy (PTK)- smootheneing of the corneal surfaces in various corneal epithelial dystrophys.
  • Pteryguim surgeries
  • SLET - Ocular Surface disorders post Chemical injuries.