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Doctor eye institute: What’s new?

Doctor eye institute: What’s new?

The Symfony extended range of vision IOL is an advanced implantable lens, providing high-quality vision in in both bright light and low light situations from near to far distances and everything in between. It is the first and only Presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision IOL and provides increased independence from eyeglasses with or without astigmatism.

We are 1st Institute in WESTERN INDIA to perform the Symfony -Extended Range of
vision IOL
implant Surgery

Monofocal and Multifocal

What are the benefits of Robotic Femto Cataract Surgery?

  • Individually tailored Cataract Surgical plan accommodating the specific needs of your eye
  • Bladeless, self-sealing, triplanar wound construction by Energy Saving Femtosecond laser
  • Integrated 3D Full Volume OCT image guidance system to create precise openings in the lens and the cornea
  • Cornea-friendly, easy removal of even Hard and Brown Cataracts using minimal to no ultrasonic energy
  • Precise centration and orientation of Intraocular Lens inside the eye
  • Unparalleled Safety, Accuracy and Consistency
  • Fully Automated Computerized system to reduce risk of human error
  • Speedy recovery with minimal discomfort and excellent results

It is our Endeavour to give you the best that Medical Science and Technology has to Offer

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